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How To Stand Out From The Rest When Searching For An Accounting Job

December 18, 2015

So you have the qualifications, skills and experience to make a perfect accountant in Mississauga? But are you connecting with the right people so as to get the job you have always dreamt of? Now is the right time to go for that final prize – the job. According to a renowned professor of management at a leading local university, approximately 80% of recruiters have reported that power to make decisions has slowly but sure shifted away from them and is now in the hands of the candidates.

As such, companies offering accounting jobs in Mississauga must be well prepared to take the right action in distinct situations where the top job applicants are now in the driver’s seats, and the best among them have numerous options. Here are some job search tips to help you stand out from the other finance and accounting candidates.

Cover letter and resume


Before an opportunity come knocking on your doorway, be ready with a professionally crafted and updated resume that highlights your ability to analytically unravel both accounting and other work-related issues in a structured and systematic manner. In the resume, make certain to emphasize your ability to clearly communicate with your colleagues, managers and clients. Custom-make your resume to each position by:

• Using statistics and data to demonstrate the effectiveness of your work at your previous and current jobs.

• Mentioning any software applications, tools or programs that are prevalent in your industry so as to illustrate that you keep up with the latest technologies.

• Focusing on skills that directly apply to your industry or the position for which you are applying.

To enhance the chances of your resume getting past the machine parsing it, ensure it contains several keywords that have been summarized in the job depiction. And don’t just utilize the keywords, but also the phrases that closely relate to those terms. For instance, do not just utilize the term CPA, but also related terms such as financial statements, audits, accounting, and the likes.

On the other hand, it is advisable to craft a short but forceful cover letter. Begin with statements that perfectly make it clear why you want the job and why you are the right person for it.


Thoughts of networking tend to make almost all accounting job candidates nervous. Nevertheless, networking should never be thought of as a forceful way to plead for a given vacant position in any firm. Instead, it should be thought as a chance to get more information about your area of specialization or an opportunity to meet a number of influential personalities in your field. A good way to network effectively is joining and becoming an active member of a professional society associated with your field. Examples of professional associations such as these include:

• National Association of Black Accountants

• Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance

• Society of Financial Service Professionals

• The Association for Financial professionals

• The Professional Accounting Society of America

• American Institute of CPAs

• The American Accounting Association for Accountants in Academia

While the above list of professional accounting associations is not all-inclusive, it will give you an idea of which among the many to join and become an active member. In your networking activities, you might decide to arrange for an educative meeting with a recruiter or an accounting team leader to gain more knowledge about a given company or career path. In this case, go prepared with relevant questions, and behave in the best of professional manner. Keeping the meeting as short as possible is recommended, followed up with a thank you note. Word of caution, this reflects bad manners and it is unprofessional to try and turn an informal meeting into a formal job interview.

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