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The Holidays Are Still A Great Time To Land An Accounting Job!

December 5, 2015

To most people, the holiday season is all about relaxing, shopping and spending time with family, acquaintances and close work colleagues. However for some, it is a perfect time to search or look out for finance or accounting jobs in Toronto. While most companies close for a few days during the holidays, your job hunt shouldn’t be placed on hold. As a matter of fact, there are quite a number of reasons why the holiday season might be one of the best times to land an accounting job. These include:

Landing a job takes time


While the economy is almost running on all cylinders once again, meaning that more and more companies have started to spend, the job market is still wobbly. Simply put, depending on factors such as a candidate’s specific skills, working experience, the unemployment rate in his or her area, the actual job, and so forth, jobs are still one of the hardest things to come by. Basically, in the today’s candidate-driven labor market, it takes firms approximately four weeks to fill a mid-level professional position from the time they post a vacancy advertisement.

Perhaps, to not necessarily get your ideal career, but one that meets most of your criteria, you will need two to three months. However, this job hunt timeframe can carry depending on quite a number of different factors. In most cases, when searching a job, you have a little additional leverage and hence can be more selective in the job market. In simple terms, finding the right job takes time. So why should the holidays distract you from proactively searching for an ideal job while your competitors are landing interviews all over the place?

Fellow competitors might claim your job

Although the economy is showing positive growth, the unemployment rate for professional, management and related careers, which includes finance and accounting professions, is a low 2.0%, down 0.4% from last year. Merge this with the fact that more and more companies are confidently investing in their labor pool and you have the perfect ingredients for a cutthroat job market.

To make things even worse, fewer and fewer people are in search of employment just because they are unemployed. The vast majority of them are looking to advance their professions so as to earn a better pay. So the longer you procrastinate, in particular during the holidays, the more likely a competing job candidate will land your dream job.

Finance companies do employ during the holiday seasons

For a wide array of reasons, including making personnel changes, ramping up for a new year, workloads, and the likes, the fourth quarter which normally falls on the holiday season, is often one of the busiest time for activities such as full-time and temporary placement of finance and accounting professionals. Simply put, the vast majority of firms actually do hire extra accounting personnel during the holiday season. As surprising as this might sound, it is a common practice. As such, make certain you can easily be found when hiring managers and other recruiters are anxious to fill positions. And what a better time than the holiday season?

Don’t bank on getting a holiday bonus as the reason for staying in your current job

Your paperwork is impeccably done, and hence you are confident that your supervisor or even boss will be happy with your performance. But, even then, there is no guarantee that your bank account will reflect the same or balloon. According to recent survey, around 30% of firms do not distribute holiday bonuses due to one reason or another. So you are not guaranteed to receive any bonuses this year. While you might receive yours this year, it is far from a safe assumption and that should never stop you from continuing the search.

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