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Tips For Creating An Accountant Job Advert That Attracts Qualified Candidates

February 5, 2016

When it comes to operating a business, no two companies are ever equal. As the business grows, it will start demanding more attention and energy from the entire staff team. Whether it’s a large enterprise or a small business, this logic is the same. One of the most important areas you have to take note is to have a great team of employees to support the business during the growing years.

Employing a good strategy to create an advert for accounting jobs in Toronto becomes relevant in completing an exceptional team of employees. To lay hand on a good accountant will require the employer to place an interesting job application advert that will attract candidates that qualify for the job in offer. If you put up a strong ad, potential candidates will take it seriously and send in applications that will make a good impression.

Describe the job

Accounting job

A clear, compelling and concise description of the position becomes the first core feature that the job seeker will be concerned about. Try to get to the mind of the job seeker and identify what will spark his/her interest to work for you. This creates a strong feature for the interested party to learn about the enterprise to decide if they should work for you or not. It is important to identify what can be the reasons for the candidates to chase after your company and aspire to work for you and not others. Therefore it is important that the information in this section will be informative, inspiring and engaging to the job seeker.

Highlight the duties and responsibilities

Depending on the level at which the business exists, the duties and responsibilities should reflect the position well. Also the type of the accountant you need will influence the ad you make. It is at this position that the job seeker will know the experience level required by the employer so that if the responsibilities are out of their scope, they will not bother to apply. As an employer, you will have a very easy time in short listing your candidates if you do this part well. Include requirements such as the need to control expenses of the enterprise, complete pay sheets, verifying, processing and doing all reconciliation of invoices and receipts.

Highlight distinct qualification features

This is where the employer lists all the necessary education credentials required for one to acquire the position. It is important to be specific and to the point. The level of skills is also crucial in this stage. This determines the candidate profile that the employer seeks to employ. The employer will be able to avoid irrelevant applicants and the only applications received will be from candidates who qualify for the interview.

Company’s benefits plan to an employee

Knowing the benefits of working for a certain company creates a motivation for a candidate to come on board. As an employer, it is very important that you observe what your competitors are doing then develop products or services that will attract candidates even from the existing rivals. Things like flexible working hours, good pay and other employee benefits are a few of what you can feature.

The business profile

Very briefly, give the history of your company. Include reasons that make people love to work for your company based on your business profile. When your business profile sounds interesting, applicants will get to know your company’s direction and decide if they are right to join you in your business movement.

Finally come into a closure of your advertisement by giving direction on where one should send their application letters.

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