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Tips To Help You Score Well With Accounting Job Recruiters

December 11, 2015

Candidates applying for accountant jobs in Toronto might decide to join either a large organization or a small- to mid-sized company for personal reasons. But whichever the reason, communication is a crucial factor in working with recruiters anywhere within and outside the country. In fact, it is an integral part of any successful interview or even a business relationship. With this in mind, here are some tips for fostering a great working relationship with a recruiter.



There is a fine line between sharing too much personal information and your career story. When in doubt, it is recommended to sway on the side of less personal information when being interviewed for a potential accounting position. It is critical for the recruiter to get to know you, but on the career part of it. A recruiter wants to hear all about your promotions, motivators, accomplishments, and the so forth.

All these determine whether a potential accounting candidate will be successful or not. Besides, it is what the recruiter wants to hear so as to inform his or her clients or even boss about the candidate so as to get that job he or she has been dreaming of. Whatever the case, a recruiter does not want to hear about the candidate’s relationship status, personal love life, and the likes. Simply put, all that he or she wants is to be the candidate’s professional friend rather than a personal friend.

The follow-up

If someone asks you to call them to go to dinner, more often than not, you will return their call in a timely manner. The same should happen following an interview. If a recruiter asks you to call him or her for something specific, then note he or she will be dying to hear from you and how well you tackled the issue at hand. This is what is generally referred to as a follow up. Following through on essential information is what makes the recruiter to trust and recommend you for a potential accounting job.

Going to the interview

The rule of thumb when it comes to accounting job interviews or any other interviews for that matter is to always be on time. To elaborate, to be on time doesn’t mean being early. As such, there is really no need to be earlier more than ten minutes to any interview. If you show up for the interview earlier than that, simply hang out outside the office building or in your car until ten minutes before your meeting time.

Showing up earlier than ten minutes can be really awkward for the recruiter or the person you were meeting since he or he will feel obligated to stop whatever they were doing to attend to you. On the other hand, you certainly don’t want to be late for your interview. If due to one reason or another you are late, make certain to apologize to the person you were meeting.

While it might be fashionable having your cell phone with you at all times, it is advisable to never have it out during any time you are at an interview site. If you must bring it in, make sure to turn it off. All in all, having your phone out during an interview is not the impression you want to make to a potential employer.

Scheduling an interview

After talking to a potential job candidate on the phone, a recruiter’s next step is to set up an in-person interview. However, when scheduling an interview, make certain to schedule it for a mutually compatible time. And once scheduled, ensure to never reschedule it as this is taken as rudeness by the recruiters. For one, it forces them to change their day, something that end up putting a negative undertone on the relationship between you and them even before meeting them. Remember, interviewers do not always have the ability to reschedule over and over. As such, make certain to check your schedule prior to confirming the meeting time.

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